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The Best Masseur, Dietitians & Nutritionists in Dublin

Who we are Welcome to Health & Nutrition Concept – Nutrition/Dietetics and Massage Therapy Clinic.  We operate the clinics in Blanchardstown the Dublin 15 area.  The clinic offers high-quality massage and nutrition services to the local community.

We focus on providing a full and comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment so that the causes of pain and not just the symptoms are addressed.

Nutritional Blood analysis under a microscope gives comprehensive information that clearly and easily determines general nutrition imbalances and solutions for a healthy lifestyle, vitality, and well-being.

Our approach to treatment is personalized and aimed at meeting the individual needs of our clients, and delivering the highest possible standard of care.

Get Amazing Support With Health & Nutrition Concept in Dublin

Many health conditions may be triggered by the same underlying factors, including stress, hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, digestive problems, and muscle stiffness.


These are common issues faced every day in today’s world. But help is at hand. Health & Nutrition Clinic can help support you and help you feel better both now and in the future.


Dietitian & Nutritionist Expert

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