What Is It?
Localized collection of puss that has accumulated in a cavity formed within a tissue because of an inflammatory process in response to either an infectious process (usually caused by bacteria or parasites) or other foreign materials (e.g., splinters, bullet wounds, or injecting needles). It is a defensive reaction of the tissue to prevent the spread of infectious materials to other parts of the body.
What Are the Symptoms?
⦁ Redness
⦁ Heat
⦁ Swelling
⦁ Pain
⦁ Collection of puss in any kind of solid tissue, most frequently on skin surface

Further Information
Abscesses in most parts of the body rarely heal themselves, so prompt medical attention is indicated at the first suspicion of an abscess.

Dietary and Lifestyle Advice & Remedies
Eat foods rich in Zinc e.g. soya beans, whole grains, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a small amount of raw nuts as Zinc may help with healing. Apply heat. Heat helps to increase the circulation in an area, bringing more white blood cells and antibodies to the area to fight the infection, so applying heat to a boil is one of the best home remedies you can use.

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