What Is It?

A friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria that may help to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Ideal to recommend to a person who has just taken a course of antibiotics, as probiotic bacteria must be kept alive to be active and antibiotics kill all the healthy bacteria as well. Probiotic bacteria can be also killed by heat, stomach acid or can simply die as time goes by.

To Be Noted!

Prebiotics differ from probiotics. Probiotics give your body the actual bacteria, while prebiotics are a type of dietary fiber that encourage your body to manufacture more probiotics.

Customers tell us Acidophilus may help in the following cases:

•             Constipation, Diarrhea, Flatulence and IBS

•             Candida and Thrush

•             Helps keep hormone levels normal

•             Food Poisoning

•             Bad Breath

•             General low immune systems

How Does It Work?

Maintains Digestive Health – Good digestion relies on a healthy gastrointestinal system. Acidophilus is a probiotic bacteria that may provide an additional source of beneficial bacteria, naturally found throughout a healthy digestive system. The friendly bacteria that Acidophilus may promote can prevent the buildup of the putrefactive bacteria that tend to produce gases and therefore bloating.

Inhibits Harmful Organisms — Intestinal bacteria consume dietary fiber and metabolizes it into acids that inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Acidophilus can promote formation of the body’s friendly bacteria, which helps fighting against infection and diseases.

Did you know?

Antibiotics can affect the friendly bacteria in the digest tract and the natural flora in the gut can be affected by sugary foods and alcohol!

Works Well With

•             Activated Charcoal – may help to absorb gases effectively

•             Psyllium Husks which are high in fiber and when used as a bulk laxative may relieve constipation

•             Multivitamins – (yeast and sugar free) ensures that the body has all the necessary nutrients in order to fight infections such as Candida.

•             Inulin — works alongside probiotic and may help to prevent bowel disorder.

Top Tip!

You may be able to increase the good bacteria in your diet by eating live yoghurt and by adding more fiber to your diet. It may also manufacture B vitamins in the body. 

Safety Issues

Some people experience gas or bloating when they first take probiotics. This is an indication that the good bacteria are fermenting and the problem will only last a short while.