Celery is basically known as a vegetable and widely used in different dishes for its nutritional value. The dried fruit of celery is the celery seed. Interesting, huh?

It’s nice to know celery has fruits or seeds. The main advantage of this is that not everybody likes celery, so consuming the celery seed instead of the vegetable itself may be a good option in order to benefit from this plant.

So how can you benefit from the celery seed?

It May Reduce Uric AcidIt – An action of celery seed is that it may help to reduce the levels of uric acid in your body, which would be particularly beneficial to those who suffer from Gout.

Can Act as a Urinary Antiseptic — Celery seed may have antiseptic and antibiotic “features”. These features may make it useful to treat various types of infection occurring in the body, especially urinary tract infection. Herbalists commonly prescribe it for curing cystitis, bladder and kidney disorders.

Thought to Have Anti-inflammatory Properties —The anti-inflammatory action of Celery Seed may help customers suffering with arthritis, as the swelling associated with this ailment can often lead to the pain and stiffness that our customers tell us about.

The same as with other foods, you can mix celery with some food supplements for a greater effect. Here are our recommendations for you:

  • Cherry Extract — for joint inflammation and helping Gout sufferers
  • Devil’s Claw — in relation to join inflammation and Arthritis symptoms of stiffness and swelling
  • Selenium — for protection from oxidative stress in inflammatory diseases

Top Tip!

The dried fruit of celery is low in calorie count and therefore is a preferred diet food.


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