Complimentary Consultation in Clinic / Online

Since everyone has a unique makeup shaped by their genes, lifestyle, gut microbes, and medical history, we provide personalised nutrition that is tailored to you as an individual and your needs.

Our expertise is nutrition science, focusing on assisting people to address specific health concerns, with science-backed nutrition.


Basic Nutrition Program in Clinic or Online


General Nutrition-Diet

General Nutrition-Diet – Healthy eating advice is based on the latest science. My aim is to provide personalised nutrition advice, with a practical approach to enjoying tasty real food for life to improve your health.

What does the nutritional General Nutrition Consultation include?

Sports Nutrition-Diet

Sports Nutrition-Diet – Optimum nutrition is essential for anyone participating in the sport who wants to fulfil their maximum potential.

Every athlete has individual nutritional requirements depending on their discipline, level, age, health status, and training programme. Our aim is to develop a programme that will take into account your goals, dietary preferences, training schedule, time constraints, and lifestyle. A well-balanced and nutritious diet is essential for maintaining good health and getting the best out of your training.

It is important to understand the influence that your diet has on your performance at all levels, and we cannot neglect our nutritional needs if we have a busy lifestyle.

What does the nutritional Sport Nutrition Diet include?

Osteoporosis Nutrition-Diet

Osteoporosis Nutrition-Diet – Osteoporosis is a condition of the skeleton characterised by a decrease of bone density. This increases susceptibility to fractures, particularly of the hip, wrist, and spine. A diet high in calcium and vitamin D is very important as it provides these essential nutrients in a natural form.

Nutrition – a healthy and balanced diet is fundamental to bone (and general) health because it supplies the protein, carbohydrate and fat, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients vital for tissue renewal and growth. This is important during childhood when new bone is being constantly laid down, and also throughout adult life when old bone is broken down and destroyed, and new bone built up to replace it.

We recommend you attend for an appointment to discuss your individual case and to help us decide what is the best programme for you.  We can give you advice on exercises that you can do at home or in your gym or we may refer you to our specialist for a therapeutic massage and through a natural and vast range of essential minerals and other nutrients to maintain a sturdy skeleton

What does the nutritional Osteoporosis Nutrition Diet include?

Gastritis/Ulcers Nutrition-Diet

Gastritis/Ulcers Nutrition-Diet – Gastritis is a common condition that happens when the lining of your stomach becomes inflamed. It can cause some discomfort and it should be treated to avoid the condition from becoming chronic (long-term).

Simple lifestyle changes and nutrition consultation could be all that you need to treat your gastritis if it is mild. However, if it is severe, persistent or not treated correctly, it can lead to further problems.

Nutritionists will coach you along a journey of self-discovery, equipping you with the skills to change not only nutrition but any area of your health and lifestyle in the future.

What does the nutritional Gastritis/Ulcers Nutrition Diet include?

Constipation Nutrition-Diet

Constipation Nutrition-Diet – Constipation is a common condition that affects people of all ages. It can mean that you’re not passing stools regularly or you’re unable to completely empty your bowel.

The severity of constipation varies from person to person. Many people only experience constipation for a short time, but for others, constipation can be a long-term (chronic) condition that causes significant pain and discomfort and affects quality of life.

In children, poor diet, fear about using the toilet and problems toilet training can all lead to constipation.

Diet and lifestyle changes are usually recommended as the first treatment for constipation.

What does the nutritional Constipation Nutrition Diet include?

Pancreatitis Nutrition-Diet

Pancreatitis Nutrition-Diet – The pancreas is the organ responsible for producing enzymes that support the digestive process and hormones to regulate the way the body processes sugar.

Pancreatitis develops when digestive enzymes become activated while they are still within the pancreas, leading to irritation and inflammation. Repeated bouts of acute pancreatitis cause scar tissue to form in the pancreas, which can lead to digestive problems, diabetes and an increased risk of chronic pancreatitis. It is not always possible to pinpoint the exact cause of pancreatitis and the risk factors differ between acute and chronic, however, a number of factors increase your risk of developing the condition.

What does the nutritional Pancreatitis Nutrition Diet include?

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