The herbal artichoke is a large thistle-like plant and the leaves of the plant, the roots and the immature flower heads are used medicinally.

Through studies was shown that artichoke is not only tasty but also has several benefits. We are sure you are wondering what those are, so here they are:

  • Thought to lower cholesterol — Supplementing with Artichoke may help to lower cholesterol levels, which may help to atherosclerosis.
  • Can help restore the liver — Artichoke may help restoring the liver in instances such as alcohol indulgence.
  • May increase bile production from the liver (Cholagogue) — The Cholagogue action of Artichoke means that it may help to increase the production of bile from the liver.

If you want to boost artichoke’s benefits on your health, you can pair it with the following products:

  • Lecithin, in order to facilitate lowering cholesterol.
  • Milk Thistle combined with artichoke might work well for liver related conditions, detoxing and supporting the liver function.

Fun Fact!

The active ingredient in Artichoke is called Cynarin.

Cautions: Artichoke shouldn’t be used if allergic to the daisy family.