Colloidal Silver HOT OFFER


Colloidal Silver Hot Offer: Buy 4 units of our Colloidal Silver and get one for FREE. Don’t miss out on the offer!

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Colloidal Silver Hot Offer: Buy 4 units of our Colloidal Silver and get one for FREE.

Anti-inflammatory properties of colloidal silver become manifested when it reaches the affected tissues. Silver ions enter the infected cell and prevent the virus reaching the cell’s nutrients. Silver particles don’t harm the healthy cells and promote the health of your body’s flora.

The method of producing supplements with silver in a colloidal form allows silver particles to completely dissolve in water, allows the body to rapidly excrete them and does not cause skin pigmentation, all of which ensure a high product quality.

Our product does not contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, colourings or additives.

Key Benefits of Colloidal Silver:

  • May reduce irritation and prevent dryness and flakiness of facial skin;
  • May improve skin tone, activate cell regeneration and help heal skin wounds like dermatomycosis, furunculosis, and eczemas of different localization);
  • Possible treatment for acne;
  • Aid in conjunctivitis treatment for new-borns;
  • May fight sinus infections.

How to Use 

Simply apply anywhere on the skin where relief is needed.

Ingredients: Distilled water,  silver in a colloidal form (ionic) 10 ppm.

Cautions: Do not expose to direct sunlight and temperatures above 50°C. Store at a safe distance from magnetic fields.

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