One Nutrition® L-Glutamine Powder – 150 g


Active individuals and those who take part in regular training or exercise sometimes need to supplement their diet for optimal performance. One Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder contains a highly purified source of the amino acid L-Glutamine, suitable for people with active lifestyles.

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About the Product

The most common amino acid in the human body, L-Glutamine is used extensively in the intestinal wall, immune cells and muscle cells.

One Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder contains only the purest natural ingredients, which are carefully selected to help youbody recover quickly after exercise; preventing muscle breakdown and improving the overall functions of the immune system.

 Key Benefits

  • Helps build and strengthen muscles
  • Supports exercise recovery
  • Provides digestive system support

How to Use

Adults take 1 teaspoon (5g) daily, away from meals.

For best results mix in a glass of water or other low acid, low fat beverage.

Ingredients: L-Glutamine


Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.


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