Nutiva® Raw Organic Shelled Hempseeds – 227 g


The organic, shelled hempseed contains 33% protein by weight along with Omega-3s and minerals. With a delicious, nutty flavor that’s similar to pine nuts, it’s perfect for salads, smoothies, sprinkled on your favorite foods or even enjoyed straight out of the bag.

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Key Benefits

  • Helps balance the pH level of our bodies
  • Has positive bacteria in it that assist in breaking down food
  • Makes use of the amino acids that result from the decomposition of protein
  • Has a huge amount of fiber, which is necessary for cleaning out the body
  • Contains a vast and concentrated blast of amino acids in every serving

How to Use

Add hempseed to smoothies, cereal, omelets, yogurt, soups, salads and veggies. Consider lightly pan-toasting hempseeds for a nuttier, toasted flavor – but not above 325F, to conserve the EFAs.

Ingredients: Raw, organic shelled hempseeds


Storage: Refrigerate after opening.

Use within twelve weeks.


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