Sergiu Malcoci – Clinical Masseur Therapist

Sergiu Malcoci - Masseur Therapist

Sergiu Malcoci

I am a Masseur Therapist that is qualified, educated, and moving towards regulation provided by IMTA of Ireland.

My mission is your improvement. I love sharing my knowledge so you can be sure after each treatment you will receive valuable information and practical advice.  You will receive the best performance from your body if you take the best care of it.

I want to help you stay injury and pain-free so you can enjoy your daily activities at your highest level.

My passion has always been sports performance, where I competed at the highest level. From this, I learned what it means to care for your body, treat it properly, and take care of your health.

Learning about injury prevention and treatments was always an interest of mine. In 2019 I officially became an ITEC Qualified Massage Therapist after graduating Complementary Medicine with Distinction from Pearse College Dublin.

I am a member of the Irish Massage Therapist Association recognised by the Department of Health & Irish Life Health insurance.  I am fully insured and promote high standards and ethics in clinical practice.

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Sergiu Malcoci | Clinical Masseur Therapist in Dublin


Sergiu Malcoci | Expertise

Discover the transformative power of therapeutic massage with me, Sergiu Malcoci, a renowned Clinical Masseur Therapist. I specialize in a range of massage techniques designed to promote healing, relieve stress, and improve overall well-being. My practice is grounded in a deep understanding of human anatomy and the latest massage therapies, ensuring a professional and personalized approach to each client. With certifications in clinical massage and a commitment to ongoing education, I am dedicated to offering treatments that not only alleviate physical discomfort but also enhance your mental and emotional health. Experience in Dublin, rejuvenation and relaxation under the skilled hands of a therapist who truly cares about your health.

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