Diana Malcoci - Nutritionist & Dietitian at Health Nutrition Concept
Nutritional Therapist

Diana Malcoci

Welcome, my name is Diana Malcoci and I am a registered Nutritional Therapist, that achieved the Master’s Degree in Food Nutrition and Health at UCD University College Dublin.

My mission is to help, educate, guide and support you to achieve optimal wellness so that you can lead a healthy & happy life.

I am specialized in working with gastro-enterology nutrition, IBS, coeliac disease, weight management, children’s nutrition, endocrinology nutrition (PCOS), hypothyroid/ hyperthyroid diet, and cardiology nutrition related to higher cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), and hypertension.

My personal experience taught me that the personalization of the nutrition approach in correlation with herbal medicine is fundamental to achieving results sustainable in the long-term of a healthy lifestyle.

For this reason, I define different protocols and case studies according to the specific disorder needs based on the evaluation of the daily routine and of individual diets of the patients.

I use evidence-based scientific research to create nutrition and lifestyle plans that are tailored specifically to individuals and are customized around what each individual needs.

The main objective of my profession does not consist in the formulation of temporary natural remedies and diets targeted to the achievement of short-term results, but in taking the patient along a plan that contributes to a healthy lifestyle to stay for all the lifelong.