What Is It?

Clusters of round, dark purple-to-black, berry-shaped Acai fruits are harvested to make juice, ice pops, and herbal supplements. The inner core of the thin trunk of the Acai tree is well-known as the source of hearts of palm. Acai is primarily grown in the Para region of the Amazon estuary, in the northern region of Brazil. It also grows in French Guyana, Panama, Ecuador, and Trinidad. It is rich in B Vitamins and other vitamins and minerals.

Acai may help:

  • Protect the body from harmful toxins
  • Astringent properties 

How Does It Work?

Protects the body from harmful toxins — Acai may help to protect the body from harmful toxins that you may be exposed to through the effects of smoking, pollution and the sun’s rays. This may help to prevent risks such as premature ageing, cancer and the risk of heart disease.

Astringent properties — Acai may have an Astringent action, as it contains a chemical compound that tends to shrink or constrict body tissues. This may be useful for customers who are suffering of diverse gut related conditions, such as Diarrhea.

Works Well With…

  • Organic Wheat grass powder – for protecting the body from toxins (https://www.healthnutrition.ie/product/synergy-organic-wheat-grass-powder/)
  • Aloemannan —for symptoms associated with IBS such as diarrhea and bloating (https://www.healthnutrition.ie/product/aloemannan/)

Safety Issues

None noted at the time of writing.