Your Data

We want you to understand what data we collect and use

When using services, you entrust us with your data. We are responsible for specifying clearly what data we collect and how we use it to provide you with even better services.Here are the three main types of data we collect: 

1. What are you doing

When you visit, you browse through our pages to find various information or services. Using Google Analytics and Tag Manager, we can have information about what you are doing on our website, through the Google Analytics (third party) platform. These may include:
  • Things you are looking for on
  • Sites you access using affiliate links inserted in our articles.
  • Your location
  • Device information
  • IP address and data from cookies

2. What you create

We store and protect what you create using our services. These may include:
  • Emails
  • Reviews
  • Added contacts
  • Photos uploaded
  • Documents
  • Comments

3. Things that define you

We keep your basic account information sent by you. These may include:
  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Birthday
  • Sex
  • Phone number
  • Country